Electronical, Telecommunication, IT, Agroinformatic Solutions.

As a Szeged-based company, we serve the IT and electronics needs of retail and government companies, our clientele consists largely of government clients, but the number of our businesses with SMEs is also growing.

We have been cooperating with Lenovo for many years, and we are Platinum-level partners with them. We are also key partners of Microsoft Silver, Synology Silver. We are also available as qualified partners of other worldwide manufacturers on the client and data center side.

The dynamism of our company is well illustrated by the fact that our sales revenue has increased by 400% year-on-year in the last 3 years, in May 2019 we received the Bisnode AA certificate, which represents only 1.75% of the current Hungarian market. My colleagues and I are constantly training ourselves to offer personalized services and product families to all our customers so that we can help them effectively even after the handover.

If you want to use our human support and expertise, which is also available by phone, in addition to the products, feel free to contact us. We are the company of professional solutions.

- Szabolcs Nagy

Nagy Szabolcs Etiam Kft.



In the last 3 years, our company has won more than 150 open public procurement procedures and even more centralized public procurement in Hungary, for various institutions, with a diverse range of products. We carry out this activity as an experienced team specializing in procurement processes with a legal background.

We are key partners for many global IT companies, so we are at the disposal of our customers in both developing and implementing high-quality manufacturing solutions.

If you need more information on any of the topics below, please contact us. We will work on your request immediately or within a few hours at the latest.



Since its inception, ETIAM Ltd. has designed and delivered IT solutions for numerous significant organizations and businesses. This is one of the most accurate indicators of the quality of our work; not only are we very proud that these customers have chosen us, but even more so that our collaboration is ongoing and our relationship with them is excellent.*

* Our SME clients are not included in the list for data protection reasons

Represented Brands

ETIAM Ltd. is proud of its partnership with global companies that offer the highest quality and most advanced solutions to end users. This is one of the cornerstones on which we build our company from the very beginning.